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Ilaria Balestrieri

Andrea Pasci


Demetra Azicnuda

I’m Demetra Azicnuda, I’m 20 years old, and I am a vet nurse. I currently work in London, after completing my studies in September 2018 with Abivet Educational Course in Rome.

I knew, even before starting the course that I would have liked to travel because of my profession. Abivet was and is the only educational course recognized by ANMVI, accredited by ACOVENE, therefore recognized by the RCVS of London. As soon as I finished my exams, I decided to leave to start experiencing.

Get ready to face some bureaucratic practice. The lists of veterinary nurses “overseas” are very long and open to all the countries. You must contact the Secretariat of the Royal College, send different forms that define the type of course and training done; passport and qualification as a veterinary technician, Curriculum Vitae in English, and finally pay a fee to the RCVS. Your application will be taken into consideration and it will be decided whether the quality of your internship and your qualification are comparable to the English one and if you can actually apply to the register of veterinary nurses. The response time is 3-8 weeks.

After the approval you will need to provide other documents, regarding where you are supposed to reside in the UK and if you have a good level of English. In fact, it is specified on the RCVS website that the applicants should be able to communicate with customers and colleagues, including written and spoken English. If there are any doubts about the candidate’s language ability, it is offered the possibility to show an actual proof of English level by passing the IELTS level 7 exam. If all the required data will be considered valid, after the online procedure is completed there will be at the RCVS an interview where the role of the veterinary nurse in the United Kingdom is fully explained and an oath together with other veterinary nurses.

Once enrolled in the Royal College you can actually start to search for a job. I currently work in a clinic within a charity, and I work with a large team of 80 people. At the moment I am acquiring more knowledge and familiarity in the British working environment, before signing up for the specialization course which I am interested in, that requires a minimum of one year of work experience in the United Kingdom. There would be no problems if I ever want to go back to work in Italy, thanks to the Acovene diploma, that I have to say and underline was able to fully prepare me to face the working world outside of the school, satisfying my expectations. Actually, I take this opportunity to thank my professors and Tutor, all of whom have assisted and helped me for the whole duration of the course, making possible one of my small goals.

Thanks Abivet!

Demetra Azicnuda


Teodora Vasiliu

When have you finished your studies in Abivet?
I finished my Abivet course in September 2018.

Did you decide immediately to start your career in the UK or did you work for a while in Italy?
I also worked in Italy before deciding to leave for London. I worked in the emergency clinic Etiopia, Pet’s Life and also in A.S.T.A.

What does it take to register for the Royal College? Is it possible to choose between different specializations or is it a unique career?
In order to enroll in the register of veterinary nurses in the UK the Acovene diploma, the ability to speak and understand English and a great desire to continue your studies are needed! There are different courses and specializations to be chosen!

How was the impact with the Royal College? Was your training sufficient?
The impact with the Royal College was fairly quiet because my preparation was sufficient.

What should be the level of knowledge of the English language?
Minimum B1 or B2.

Which educational course are you currently attending? Which are the job opportunities that allow you?
I’m currently focusing on anesthesia. In the Uk you can always grow professionally and make a career. You need lot of determination, patience and sacrifices.

With the qualification you will acquire in England, will you be able to return to work in Italy? Or can you move to other countries in Europe or around the world?
With the English qualification you can work anywhere in the world.

How satisfied are you with your studies?
I’m only at the beginning of my career, I still have a long way to go, but I can see the opportunities and the support that this country can guarantee and it makes me want to grow professionally more and more.

Teodora Vasiliu


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Claudia Mei

I always dreamed to be able to work for the care of animals and Abivet educational training course has been the beginning of a fantastic career that helped to turn a dream into reality. I did choose this professional training course mainly because the institute has got the accreditation by Acovene organization, which makes the qualification recognized abroad. My goal, for various reasons, has always been to go and practice my profession in London. Today, thanks to Abivet, I am a qualified and recognized veterinary nurse in England, I am registered in the register of veterinary nurses and I currently work indefinitely in a hospital, where I fully practice my profession, among surgery, hospitalization, exam room and pharmacy. I sincerely thanks Abivet course for veterinary technicians and I recommend it to anyone who wants to pursue a career as a veterinary nurse. Abivet is a professional training course, very efficient, stimulating and well organized.

Claudia Mei


Rossella Mannamanna_rossella

The two years during which I attended the Abivet course were rich in experiences that made me know and brought me close to the animal world, finally realizing the dream of working with them. The course has been the demonstration that whoever is worth is rewarded. After only two months from the graduation I found a job and I never stopped. I am grateful to the professors and coordinators and all those who made my realization possible.

Rossella Manna


Silvia Boscolo

The two-year Abivet training course for veterinary technicians, with a program accredited by Acovene (www.acovene.com) and recognized by the National Association of Veterinary Surgeons (ANMVI) seemed immediately interesting because in addition to the theoretical study it also included a practical internship. I was studying and at the same time I was working part-time in a shopping center, to be able to maintain myself. Day after day my choice turned out to be the right one. Today I work in London, I love my job  and I think that one of the most important things in life in order to feel fulfilled is to be lucky enough to turn a real passion into a proper job.

Silvia Boscolo


Claudia D’Ignazisignazi

My name is Claudia D’Ignazi and I am a veterinary technician, certified at the ABIVET in Rome. I attended the course from 2011 to 2013. The course was very important for me, as it allowed me to turn my passion for animals into a real profession. I received both theoretical and practical education, learning different nursing procedures and to manage even the most difficult animals. I am able to do the job I like getting immense gratification.

Claudia D'Ignazi


Bruna De Sanctisde_santis

Hi everyone! I would like to briefly tell you about my experience to give you the chance to have more clarity about this course. I chose to attend the Abivet course after thousands of doubts, even because the reality in Italy does not give certainties and assurances regarding the future of young people and the working world in general. Moreover I already had a job! Immediately after my high school diploma I got a job as an office worker but then, although I always knew it, I did feel uncomfortable in that role. I started searching for something that could fully satisfy my expectations and my ambitions. Working with animals has always been my dream and, among the long list of private and degree courses, after careful evaluation, I chose Abivet course. With sacrifices and dedication I have faced this career and thanks to the help and professionalism of teachers, tutors and coordinators I have completed the course. My tenacity has been repaid. As soon as I graduated as a Veterinary Technician I found a structure that trusted me and my qualification, opening the doors to this “new” professional profile (there were no other technicians before me in that clinic) and after completing the trial period I have been hired. I hope my experience helps those who are undecided yet about what to do! With effort, perseverance, dedication, professionalism, the goal is not so far away, dreams are achievable, beware of those who tell you otherwise!

Bruna De Sanctis


Daria CacciottiDARIA_cacciotti

I am Daria Cacciotti, I attended the Abivet course for Veterinary Technicians during 2013/2014, although I had already obtained a degree in Natural Sciences and a dog trainer diploma at the School of Human Animal Interaction. I found the course very interesting with good teachers and excellent opportunities for practical training during the two-year course.

Daria Cacciotti


Virginia CartaVirginia_Carta

My name is Virginia Carta and I attended the Abivet course during 2008-2010. I honestly have to say that my expectations within these 2 years of course have been largely met. It has never happened that one of my questions had no answer! Lessons have always been extremely interesting and the explanations always exhaustive and detailed. During the internship I had the opportunity to see and learn many techniques and concepts that subsequently allowed me, within the work field, to satisfy and anticipate the needs and expectations of the veterinary surgeon. If I could go back, I definitely would do it again, as this is a job that gives a lot of satisfaction and every effort is always rewarded by purring or wagging. Thanks Abivet for this wonderful course!

Virginia Carta