What education level is required to access the elearning course?
Access to the course is allowed to students who have a first-level secondary school diploma or a second-level secondary school diploma.

When does the course start? Is there a deadline to register?
Students can register all year round. The training program will begin as soon as Abivet receives all the required documents and the payment of the fees of the first study module.


What is the annual cost of the whole program?
The total cost is 2440 € each school year.


When do the exams take place ? Do I need to register to take the exams?
A test is administered at the end of each module . There is no need to register. Students are automatically registered for the end-of-module test.

Where and how does the final exam take place?
The final exam takes place in Rome at the premises of ABIVET School at the end of the two years training course.


Do I need to buy any textbook?
There may be some recommended textbooks, but all the teaching materials you will need for the course are available on the platform both in PDF and multimedia.

How much should I study? Does the course require a big effort?
This kind of training program requires several hours for the theoretical studies(lessons, exercises, discussion, activities in the virtual classroom, interaction with your teachers and tutors) Besides that, there are 800 hours of traineeship.

How much time (on average) I am supposed to stay online?
Possibly, about 3-4 hours per week for each module. Enough time to consult the teaching materials and participate in the Forum.

Will I be left on my own during my studies?
Certainly not. Contacts between learners and teachers will be as frequent in distance learning as in traditional classroom education, maybe even more.
This is possible thanks to the IT platform tools, both synchronous and asynchronous, which supports and encourages one-to-one and all-to-all interactions, discussions and debates.

What can I do if I have a problem or don’t understand a topic? Shall I receive any support?
If you have any problem in learning any particular subject , contact the tutor of the subject on the forum and ask for explanations.Occasionally, you can also contact the tutor by e-mail.

How will I know if I’m ready for the exam?
The study modules provide for progress tests; they may serve as self-evaluation tests and as training tests for the final exam.


What does the final exam consist of ?
The final exam consists of a written test on all the subjects studied all along the training course and of a practical exam at one of the veterinary structures affiliated with ABIVET School.
The students will sit for the exams at Abivet School premises
(Address: 20 Via Gennargentu – 00141 Rome, Italy)
The exam dates will be available about one month before the exam session.

Who will book the hotel? Are hotels expensive?
Accommodation charges will be paid by the students. For all transport information and hotel reservations please consult the website of the City of Rome: www.agenziamobilita.roma.it/en.html


Which browser and versions are supported by the platform?
Go to the technical requirements’ page for this information.

What operating systems are supported by the platform?
Go to the technical requirements’ page for this information.

Does the platform work with a MAC operating system?
It hasn’t been effectively tested, but some tests show it works well.

What IT and internet skills do I need to have?
The starting skills are basic. You have to know how to use an internet browser and be able to download and install the softwares required for the courses that you may not already have on your computer. You will need to know how to use a CD and an online email program, in addition to being comfortable with the Office Pack.

What internet speed do you need to access the online course?
The recommended connexion speed to get the better of the learning materials, without any waiting or visualization problems, is 128kB/s or more.

What type of connexion is recommended to access the online course?
The technologies available nowadays are ISDN, XDSL and satellite.

What company should I contact to get my connexion? And what are the prices?
There are many companies on the market and the student can use any of them. We don’t recommend a particular product.