The Veterinary Nurse Education Programme is based on teaching/learning modules. Each module consists of 2 or more subjects, requires a minimum learning time and has a specific cost.

CostSubjectMinimum Learning Time*
122 EuroZoology
15 days
10 days
10 days
488 EuroChemistry
Basic nursing procedures
20 days
15 days
6 days
10 days
976 EuroAnatomy and Physiology 1
Anatomy and Physiology 2
NOTE: you can start the training period just after passing the final test of Anatomy and Physiology 2
60 days
60 days
488 EuroHippology
Practice Management
20 days
10 days
366 EuroExotic animals
First year final test
10 days

*What is the minimum learning time?

A minimum learning time is necessary to acquire the content of the subjects of each study module. Students may not access the final test before the minimum learning time has expired. Students can access a subject module and pay its fees only if they have completed the previous module and passed its final test 

  • First year final test: 

Students will access this test at the end of the first year and only if they have successfully passed all 1st year subject tests.

Moreover, should a student not reach the passmark ( 60/100) they may still attend the 2nd year of courses but the test score will influence the final assessment score of the whole training course

For foreign students, not resident in Italy, the cost of the accommodation is included in the exam fee.

CostSubjectMinimum Learning Time*
732 EuroGeneral Pathology
Internship curriculum 2nd year
20 days
20 days
732 EuroMedical pathology - infectious and parasitic diseases
60 days
10 days
976 EuroNursing Procedure70 days
400 EuroFinal Examination* 2nd year (at home Abivet Rome)

*For foreign students, not resident in Italy, the cost of the accommodation is included in the exam fee.


Students may access the first year traineeship (400 hours) only if they have successfully passed the Anatomy and Physiology 2 test.
Please be informed that you need an Insurance for the practical training.
Abivet will provide the students with the necessary documents for the practical training


Students who wish to withdraw their registration will communicate their decision in writing by e-mail or Registered Mail to Abivet Società Benefit a R.L.

Students who do not sit for any exam within 6 months from their registration will be automatically cancelled from the platform


1. pay the fee for the first two subjects (Zoology and Zootechnics) . See link below (PayPal / Credit Card) or alternatively, and for the payment of the following modules, by bank transfer

Pay with Paypal

2. download and print the contract (PDF), fill it in all its parts and send it in two copies
3. download and sign the form;
4. attach a copy of a valid document, together with its Tax Code;
5. download the form of self-certification of studies and sign it;
6. Send all the signed Documents by register airmail to Abivet Società Benefit a R.L. Via Gennargentu 20 – 00141 Rome Italy
7. Register on the platform


More information?

Call  00390687182658 (Italy – Rome)
Email us at info@abivet.org