About Us

The first elearning course
to become a Veterinary Technician

Our course for veterinary technicians is the first elearning course in Italy. It was established in 2006 with the support and the expertise of IWT Rome, always at the cutting edge of information technology. The aim of the course was to develop a technology- enhanced training programme in the Veterinary field.

rcvs_nurseABIVET traditional and distance courses combine educational competence and expertise with innovative technologies .

ABIVET is one of the 20 European schools participating in the Leonardo Da Vinci DASVENT Project whose objective is to establish European Professional Skill Standards for Veterinary Technicians throughout Europe.

ABIVET is a company of veterinary services based in Rome. Beside Veterinary Nursing education, its activities also include a veterinary clinic, “Clinica Romana San Francesco”, which provides veterinary services performed by experienced medical and paramedical staff. The medical staff operates 24 /7.

Our training school, the only one in Italy to join the European Quality Standard Programme, was granted official accreditation in March 2007 (www.acovene.com; www.vetnnet.com).

The Veterinary Nurse with a degree from our institute, accreditated by ACOVENE, is accepted by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, for registration as a veterinary nurse to work in the United Kingdom

In October 2008 the 3rd Eurispes Italy Report mentioned ABIVET courses as an Italian excellence.

On July the 2nd 2015 the job profile of “Veterinary Technician” was included in the National Labour Agreement which rules and regulates throughout Italy the contractual relationships of employees, associate members or else who work in a professional context.

Its Annex, signed by Confprofessioni, CGIL, CISL and UIL Trade Unions, clearly defines the competencies, tasks and duties of Veterinary Technicians.



The Veterinary Technician is a worker who can assist the veterinarian, according to his instructions, during the medical and surgical performances, in the organization of the veterinary structure and in managing the relationship with the customer and his pet.